Difference between BMP and PNG

BMP and PNG are two of the most common image file formats that you’ll encounter while working with images. Both have been frequently used in desktop and web applications until replaced by other modern image file formats such as WebP

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XLSX vs XLSB – How to Reduce Excel File Size?

XLSX and XLSB are two popular Spreadsheet file formats by Microsoft Excel to store large amounts of data in Workbooks. However, the presence of formulas, user data, and objects (such as shapes) in these files can considerably increase the file …

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Malicious PDF files and How to Protect From These?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a digital file format for sharing content on devices like computers, phones, tablets, and other e-readers. But how secure is the PDF file? Being popular for publishing content that includes text, images, hyperlinks, …

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ZIP Bombs – Exploding Your Storage

A zip bomb is a compressed ZIP archive file that halts or crashes the system which reads it. The decompression software, when uncompresses such an archive file, takes an enormous amount of disk space, processing time, or memory. This makes …

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Top 5 GIS File Formats for Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the widely used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the world for navigating around. From desktop computers to modern Android and iOS based mobile phones and tablets, Google Maps is the choice of use for navigating …

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Top 5 File Formats for EBook and How to Find Best One for You


In this modern era, knowledge and its access are at the distance of your fingertips. Through internet access, there are thousands of books one can read and make life more wonderful by the knowledge written by spectacular authors. Handheld …

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Classification of Font File Formats – A Comprehensive Knowledge

Font file format is the first thing that comes to mind when we start applying different styles to our text, no matter either we are writing business documents (e.g. letters, applications, or emails) on our computer or writing content on …

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Java or PHP: Which One is Better for Web Development?

What is Java?

A high-level, object-oriented programming language that is class-biassed, was developed by James Arthur Gosling. The design of this language is kept as less implementational dependent as possible. Almost all the platforms support Java which has a simple …

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3D Model Formats – Useful for Drafters

3D modeling is widely known everywhere and used in countless mediums, ranging from architectural, illustrations, video games, engineering, and advertising.  This technical term is also used on the web, where rendering contains 3D modeling along with web development. There are …

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А Brief Оverview оf Wоrd Рrосessing Fоrmаts

А wоrd prосessing file соntаins user infоrmаtiоn in рlаin text оr riсh text fоrmаt. А рlаin text file fоrmаt соntаins unfоrmаtted text аnd nо fоnt оr раge settings etс. саn be аррlied. In соntrаst, а riсh text file fоrmаt аllоws …

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