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PDF File Formats at

Your File Format GuidePortable Document Format (PDF) is widely used page layout file format that is gaining popularity day by day. Introduced in early 1990s by Adobe, it completely stores a document in one file. PDF file format was initially…
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Notes File Formats at

Your File Format GuideNotes file formats refer to documents where user can add notes in free form as if noting information on a drafting pad. There are several applications available that provide the capability of drafting notes and save to notes taking file …

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Web File Formats on

Your File Format GuideSurfing internet has become part of lives of all those who use internet one way or the other. The web pages, we browse, are developed in several different languages and are hosted on web servers. These web files include…
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Page Description Languages File Formats at

Your File Format GuideA Page Description Language (PDL) is a computer language that describes the appearance of a printed page in a higher level than actual output bitmap. Some examples of PDL include Postscript (PS), PDF, and CGM. Files based on…
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February 2019


When should we use JPG or PNG? What is the difference between raster and vector image file formats? It is important for one to choose the right type of image keeping in

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