What is an XLSX File?

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A file with XLSX extension is a ZIP-compressed XML based spreadsheet file format that was introduced by Microsoft with the launch of Microsoft Excel 2007. The format is supported by Excel 2007 and later versions. Prior to XLSX, Excel saved files as XLS format that was based on Binary Interchange File Format (BIFF).

How to Open an XLSX File?

The contents of an XLSX file can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on how it needs to be opened. We elaborate on these methods as below.

Open with Microsoft Excel

If you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or later installed on your PC, you can double click your file and it will automatically open. You can then save your XLSX file to several different formats such as XLS, CSV, TSV, PDF, and PNG. Microsoft Excel is also available for Mac OS and can be used to open XLSX files.

Open without Microsoft Excel

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel installed, you can still open an XLSX file to view its contents as detailed below.

Using Google Sheets Online

Google sheets provide the capability to create and open XLSX files online. If you want to open or edit your files, upload them to Google drive and then you can use Google sheets to open them for working. In addition to Google Sheets, Google offers online word document viewer for DOCX and PPTX file formats as well.

Using Microsoft Excel Viewer

If you only want to open the XLSX file without the purpose of editing it, you can install the Microsoft Excel Viewer on your PC to open such files. It also helps you in the printing and copying of data.

Structure of XLSX File

An XLSX is actually a collection of XML files that are zipped together to form a spreadsheet file. If you don’t have any software installed to open an XLSX file, simply rename the .xlsx extension of your file to .zip and unzip this file with a ZIP utility. On Windows Operating System, you can use the built-in windows extractor to extract the contents of the XLSX file. Mac OS has also default capability for opening ZIP files. Once you extract the XLSX file, you can see the internal structure of your file.

How to Convert XLSX file

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your PC, you can open your XLSX file in Excel and use the Save As option from the File menu to convert or save the file in different formats. Using Excel, you can convert your XLSX file to:

and a number of other file formats. You can also use online file converters to convert your XLSX file to a number of other file formats. One such online file utility is Groupdocs.app which is a suite of applications for manipulating file types. Its conversion app lets you upload your XLSX file and convert it to several different file formats.