Many file formats we use in our daily use of technology are of many types. The file we use can be of audio, video, image, text, or any other format. These formats of types of files are not considered to be noticed during the usual use of them. These MP2 and MP3 are used by almost all of the users of smartphones and computers. Both of these are audio formats and are used according to their specifications

Audio formats mostly involve specifications according to the quality of compression and exchange. Such as some formats provide lossy compression while many others provide a better quality of compression along with less loss. Moreover, some are preferred to others based on their properties.

From these two formats which are more suitable for you? This blog article will verify and share the details about the differences pros and cons of both of these formats as well as will make you clear about the better format from both of these.

What is MP2 format?

An ****audio format that is specified for the compression of the audio files is MP2 format. It was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group. It comprises compressed audio files which do not contain quite higher quality. There are more popular audio formats that are used as preferred over this format. Though or is considered as standard for the playback sound in television and radio, it has some disadvantages too.


It uses layer II compression and makes the size of the file reduced. It is not usually used for modern technology devices. As more popular formats provide better quality and advantages. But this format is specifically used for broadcasts on TV and radio.


The compression these files provide is lossy and might not be in a quality that is better than MP3. With the limited usage of modern technology, these are used and preferred less as compared to MP3. Except for specific bit rates its quality is discouraged among audio file users these days.

What is MP3 format?

Another audio format is based on audio layer III of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. It was also created by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). Sample rate, bit rate, joint or normal stereo can be adjusted that is included in parameter setting to control the sound quality of ****MP3 audio files. The formats used for audio files in the past were not easily available and were in a greater size such as MP2 as compared to MP3 format. Hence this type of format is less complex and is more popular.


The file in this format is easily available on the internet, can be shared among several devil es without the loss of data, quality, and content of the file. Moreover, previous formats did not provide the facility of listening to the audio files on the internet. Another major advantage that this file format provides is compactness. The size of the files is not in the larger volume that utilizes extra memory.


This format has many properties which are preferable to other audio formats, but it has some cons. Such a higher bass and frequency might have a chance of deterioration during the process of ripping (encoding process). Moreover, the downloaded audio from the internet may have some changes in some effects as compared to the original file.


Considering the limitations of MP2 file format and analyzing the properties provided by the MP3 format it can be concluded that in this modern era of technology, where instant activities are happening the MP3 format is more preferable. The reason behind this is that the MP2 will be complex, larger, and difficult to share or exchange. On the other hand, the MP3 is less complex, has portability properties, and provides lesser difficulty in handling.