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Difference between BMP and PNG

BMP and PNG are two of the most common image file formats that you’ll encounter while working with images. Both have been frequently used in desktop and web applications until replaced by other modern image file formats such as WebP

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Raster VS Vector Images: A Brief Comparison

Visual representation or designs on some surface, such as a screen, wall, stone, canvas, or paper to inform, illustrate, or entertain is usually called image or graphic. Various types of graphic or images can be found in this modern era, …

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APNG vs BMP: Which Image file format is better?

APNG vs BMP; both of these formats are types of image files. Images are used in our commonly handles gadgets like computers and smartphones etc. Usually, users do not pay attention to the specific types of file extensions they …

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Survey: Image File Formats for Web

The importance of images can easily be estimated by the famous quote that says “An image is worth a thousand words”. The presence of images on a webpage plays an important role in attracting visitors by giving an idea about …

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Image File Formats

You must have heard the famous English language-idiom which says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. These pictures in computer world are represented by image file formats that are standardized means of organizing and storing digital images.  Such images…
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