We are pleased to announce the launch of fileformat.com, a platform for all the developers who are inquisitive about working with file formats. It has been launched keeping in mind the requirements of a common platform to develop a community of file format experts and users for discussing their needs and issues related to file formats.

What FileFormat.com offers?

FileFormat.com aims to help developers, working with file types, through its unique combination of different file format domains. Its unique combination of wiki resources, forums and news section help bring users interaction to a single platform where they can not only discuss issues related to file types, but also participate in the discussions related to file format news.

FileFormat.com offers vast knowledge related to file formats based on input from file format experts and community users. There is nothing as beneficial as compared to personal experience of working with file types that can help resolve issues faced with minimal time and efforts. All this you can find at one single place which is fileformat.com.

File Format Knowledge Base

The file format wiki is your one stop for getting file format information about different file types by their extensions. To help you quickly find your desired file format, you can access the desired category or search the wiki by file extension. The wiki has currently information about limited number of file formats, but more stuff is coming to it very soon along with APIs information that support manipulating file formats.

Community Forum

In order to effectively share the file format knowledge owned by experts and community users, fileformat.com offers a central place for discussions in the form of community forum as FileFormat forum. You can post your inquiry in one of the relevant forum categories and get valuable input from experts of that domain as well as community users. This sharing of knowledge and experience can help you get solution to your file format problems in an effective manner.

File Format News

There are lots of things happening with respect to different file formats on almost daily basis. Somewhere a file format is hacked that leads to vulnerabilities while somewhere a new format is introduced to fulfil the needs of ever growing efficiency. This is where fileformat.com keeps you aware of such happenings through its news section. You can not only find latest news about file formats in the news section, but also benefit from the opinion of experts about such news in comments. In addition, you can share your own opinion about any or all news the same way.

In a nutshell, we see FileFormat.com as becoming one of the key places that will help you in working with file types in an effective manner. If you have any query, feel free to post in the File Formats forum category to get answer from relevant experts.