The world of Software is full of countless file types where each file format serves specific purpose. The list of file formats is not stopping here and with the passage of time, new file types are introduced to attain efficiency as well as support more functionality. In addition, file formats are getting obsolete as well with the arrival of new file formats of the same category.

In such a situation, one feels the lack of a single platform where:

  • Information about file formats is available
  • Application developers can get expert advice on issues while implementing file formats
  • News related to file formats around the world are found is launching soon

The answer to all such requirements is It is going to address the above concerns by providing a single platform. Powered by Aspose at its back, brings its vast experience in the field of File Format APIs at your service to help you work with File Formats.  The platform will provide:

  • File Format Forums – so that you can post your queries related to different file formats and get expert advice from our technical experts as well as the community users
  • File Format Wiki – a single place that contains information about thousands of file formats along with their specifications information
  • File Format News – an interactive news section to find out latest news from around the world related to file formats

The ultimate aim of is to create a community where file format issues can be discussed, help rendered in the form of discussions for working with file types, establish a knowledge base about all file types and become a source of file format news. For more news, stay tuned!