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Notes file formats refer to documents where user can add notes in free form as if noting information on a drafting pad. There are several applications available that provide the capability of drafting notes and save to notes taking file formats. One such application software is Microsoft OneNote that is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. is your one stop for guidance about notes taking file formats. Its unique combination of file format wikinews and support forums gives you the opportunity to get knowledge about file types and engage in fruitful discussions with file format community.

Notes File Formats

The Notes Taking file format category at includes file formats that are commonly used for storing such files. Let us have a look at some of these file formats.


File represented by .ONE extension are created by Microsoft OneNote application. OneNote lets you gather information using the application as if you are using your draft pad for taking notes. OneNote files can contain different elements that can be placed at non-fixed locations on document pages. These elements may contain text, digitized handwriting, and objects copied from other applications including images, drawings and multimedia (audio/video) clips. Microsoft now offers online version of OneNote as part of Office365 where Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the internet.


Those who have worked with Microsoft OneNote application may have noticed the presence of .onetoc2 files in the notebook folder. Microsoft OneNote creates binary .onetoc2 file as Table of Contents for keeping an index about the ordering of different note-taking sections in a notebook. A notebook is a collection of section files that are stored in the same directory. The .onetoc2 file uses a collection of properties to specify settings such as order of sections within the notebook and the colour of the notebook.

When you create a notebook in OneNote 2016, it’s automatically saved in the new 2010-2016 file format. You’ll need this format if you want all the features in OneNote 2016, like math equations and linked notes, to work properly.

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