Split PDF into Parts using C#

Imagine you have a large PDF file that comprises multiple sections and you want to share only specific sections of this large PDF file with your team members. Since you can’t share this whole PDF with them, you will want to split this PDF into parts so as to share specific sections with respective team members only. Splitting a large PDF has many advantages such as file size management, content organization, enhanced collaboration, and performance optimization.
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How to Resize an Image in Docx using FileFormat.Words?

Effortless Image Resize in Docx Files. Simplify image manipulation with this open-source API, enabling easy resizing in just a few lines of code. Overview Welcome to another informative blog post as we delve into the world of FileFormat.Words for .NET. In this article, we will focus on image resizing within Word documents, leveraging the capabilities of the open-source FileFormat.Words library. With this powerful tool, image manipulation becomes seamless and efficient in your .
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How to Rotate an Image in Docx using FileFormat.Words?

Effortless Image Rotation in Docx Files programmatically. Image manipulation is a matter of a few lines of source code with this open-source API. Overview Welcome to another blog post as we continue exploring FileFormat.Words for .NET. In our previous article, we delved into the process of adding images to Word documents using the open-source FileFormat.Words library in a .NET application. Building upon that knowledge, we will now explore how to programmatically rotate an image within an existing Word document.
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Create and Manipulate PDF Files using iTextPdf in .NET

In our previous post, we talked about iTextPdf API for working with PDF files using C#/VB.NET in .NET applications. The API lets you create, edit and manipulate PDF documents without going into any internal file format details of PDF file format. Using iTextPdf is easy to work with and with just a few lines of code, you can start creating, reading, and manipulating PDF files. In this article, we will talk about using iTextPdf in .
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How to Make a Table in Word Files using FileFormat.Words

FileFormat.Words is an open-source library that offers a free Word processor module that programmatically lets you add/modify tables in Word documents. Overview A Table in a Word document is considered an integral part when it comes to data representation. It is the most common document element and offers great convenience in terms of business document building. Amazingly, you can create a table in a Word document without using or installing MS Word on your local machine.
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Adding an Image to Word Document in C# with FileFormat.Words

Enhance your document automation capabilities by leveraging the power of FileFormat.Words. Effortlessly add images to documents, taking your processing to new heights. Overview In today’s digital age, the use of images has become a fundamental aspect of document creation and presentation. Whether it’s a report, presentation, or any other form of written communication, images play a crucial role in enhancing visual appeal and conveying information more effectively. Microsoft Word, being one of the most widely used word processing tools, offers powerful features for incorporating images seamlessly into documents.
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How to Edit a Word Document in C# using FileFormat.Words

Install FileFormat.Words and edit Docx files programmatically. Word document processing is a matter of a few lines of source code with this open-source API. Overview Welcome to another blog post in the continuation of FileFormat.Words for .NET exploration. In our previous article, we learned how to create a Word document in a .NET application using open-source FileFormat.Words. However, this open-source Docx editor lets you create Word documents and provides features to edit existing Word documents programmatically.
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iText – An Open-Source .NET API for PDF Documents

iText for .NET is a free open-source .NET API for creating and working with PDF documents in C#/VB.NET applications. It lets .NET application developers write applications for generating, modifying, and extracting content from PDF files. iText for .NET is a port of the original iText API, which was written in Java programming language. It was developed to provide PDF document processing features to .NET application developers. It is used in various domains such as document management systems, reporting tools, and other applications that require PDF generation and manipulation.
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How to add Hyperlinks in Excel using C#

Excel is an exceptional tool for working with large data sets, data visualization, and statistical analysis of data. While creating a detailed data report in Excel, certain data may require to be linked to external data sources, webpages, email addresses, and target locations in another worksheet in the same workbook. Microsoft Excel provides all these hyperlinking options. As a .NET application developer, you may be interested in providing hyperlinking functionality in your C#/VB.
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How to Insert Bullets in Word Document using C#

Word documents are the favorite choice when it comes to creating reports and documenting content. Using bullets in a document enhances the readability of the document and helps in organizing the information. These also help in comparisons of data and highlight key information. As a .NET developer, you can provide the functionality of working with bullets from within your .NET application using C#/VB.NET. In this blog, we’ll show how to work with bullets by creating bullets and sub-bullets in the Word document using NPOI API in C#.
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