What is Java?

A high-level, object-oriented programming language that is class-biassed, was developed by James Arthur Gosling. The design of this language is kept as less implementational dependent as possible. Almost all the platforms support Java which has a simple and familiar syntax that is made easier to learn for beginners and developers, its syntax is easier to adapt. Java is a general-purpose language that is object-oriented, secure, dynamic, robust, and portable.

Unlike earlier years when specific IDE and specific operating systems were required to develop code of some specific language, many Integrated Development Environments are made compatible with Java. These IDEs include Visual Studio, Eclipse, Apache NetBeans, Codeenvy, etc. All of these are made appropriate to develop and run the code of Java.

What is PHP?

Another programming language is PHP that is a great platform for the sake of web development. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf started the initial versions of PHP along with his two companions. Web development is mostly executed on the webserver. It has more than one target. It can be used for the development of relational database management systems, command-line scripting, and graphical user interface applications.

In the past few years, this language has been installed on millions of servers and has been used for the development of millions of websites. For the coding and development of these languages, many web servers are available in the market such as XAMPP, Wamp, LAMP, EasyPHP, etc.

Why should they be compared?

The reason behind their comparison is that they both are used for web development. It is not possible for most of the people in the web development field to learn all of the languages. Both Java and PHP have wide usage and similarities so they are compared mostly.

Coding Speed

Java contains optimized coding speed but the results are the time taken. On the other hand, PHP comprises less optimized code while containing shorter and less time taking result codes.


For checking which of these languages has more popularity or fame, we have to know the consideration of companies and developers. Java has more fame among the developers and companies as compared to PHP.


The vitality of code or programming language means how stable the results and code are stable. This property is lesser in Java as it is missing after the project. In PHP you will notice that the code, results are stable and have vitality at every stage.

Easy to Learn

Both of these are easier to learn as Java and PHP are used mostly for web development which is not a complex task as compared to other languages.

Memory Safety

Java is more secure as compared to PHP as it provides security against attacks along with bugs on your system. For this aspect, Java is more secure and memory-safe as compared to PHP.

Ease of Documentation

Java has easier and less complex documentation properties. It is statically typed and provides error-free documentation. While PHP is dynamically typed and its documentation is complex as compared to Java.

Better for Profession

For professional work, Java is preferred as it provides stability at every stage and better speed as compared to PHP. This might be due to the reason less speed and stability of PHP.


Both are development languages and have similarities along with some differences. The cost of the development of Java is higher as compared to PHP. This is due to the features and requirements of both languages.


In this comparison, Java has more ability of performance as compared to PHP. Precompiled code of Java is another benefit that adds to its capability of better performance.

When are Java and PHP used?

For web development and website designing, both of these are used at a large scale. But based on the features both of these provide there have some differences in the usage

What is Java used for?

The particular use of Java is for the development of applications. Applications specified to a single computer or distributed among various computers are developed through Java. Applications based on Gaming, Cloud, Web, Mobile, desktop graphical user interface, and big data technologies are developed under the platform of Java.

What is PHP used for?

PHP being a scripting language, the main target of this language is server-side scripting. Command-line scripting does not require web servers. It can be used for creating desktop applications with a graphical user interface. PHP is not the best language for this purpose but its features and abilities are good for web development and are used on a large scale.

Bottom Line

By comparing features, similarities, differences, usage, and limitations of the languages we can consider that Java is better than PHP as it provides more benefits as compared to PHP. Although both are used for the development of applications and pages, Java has more facilities due to which it is preferred by the developers.