Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. There are several applications available that provide the facility to keep track of all the activities, which are part of a project, and monitor them for successful completion of the project. Microsoft Project is one such application that saves the project in popular project file formats for manipulation. Primavera is another tool that is extensively used for this purpose.

Project Management applications save project related data in specific file formats. Some popular file formats include MPP, XER, XML and others. is your one stop for guidance about such project management file formats. Its unique combination of file format wikinews and support forums gives you the opportunity to get knowledge about file types and engage in fruitful discussions with file format community.

Project Management File Formats

The Project Management file format category on includes file formats that are commonly used for storing project related data. Let us have a look at some of these file formats.


A file with MPP extension is Microsoft Project data file that stores information related to project management in an integrated manner. It is proprietary file format developed by Microsoft as file format for Microsoft Project (MSP) which is a project management application software. Besides MPP, MSP supports other file formats as well like project XML schema. Several APIs and applications provide the facility to convert MPP file format to others. Microsoft now has online Project Server where project management files can be uploaded for collaboration by multiple users.


MPX, Microsoft Exchange File Format, is an ASCII file format for transferring of project information between Microsoft Project (MSP) and other applications that support the MPX file format such as Primavera Project Planner, Sciforma and Timerline Precision Estimating. The MPX file format allows you to transfer project information that cannot appear in a table, such as detailed resource assignment information, calendar information, or information in the Project Info dialog box.

The initial version of Microsoft Project 4.0 started the support for creating and reading MPX file formats that continued till Microsoft Project 98. However, support for creating MPX files was discontinued with the release of Microsoft Project 2000 and the versions till Microsoft Project 2010 support only MPX reading. Versions later than MSP 2010 do not support reading of MPX file format.

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