Convert Images to PDF in C# with iTextPdf

Images are an effective way to visualize data and make documents look more informative. PDF files are one of the widely used document file formats for sharing information and content. As a .NET application developer, you would like to add the functionality of converting different types of images such as PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF to PDF file format using C# in your application. In this article, we’ll show how to convert images to PDF using iTextPDF for .
July 21, 2023 · 4 min · Kashif Iqbal

Password Protect PDF Files using C#

Ensuring the security of our sensitive information has become more crucial than ever before. Whether you’re dealing with confidential reports, legal contracts, or important business documents, it’s vital to safeguard your PDF files from prying eyes. As a .NET application developer, you can use iTextPdf API in your C# application to password-protect your PDF files. Introduction to iTextPdf for .NET and its Role in PDF Manipulation and Security iTextPdf is a powerful and widely used library in C# that provides extensive capabilities for working with PDF files.
July 19, 2023 · 3 min · Kashif Iqbal

Rotate PDF File in C# using iTextPDF

Rotating PDF documents has become an essential task in various industries and fields, ranging from business to academia. Whether you need to correct the orientation of scanned documents, adjust the layout of a presentation, or ensure proper reading experience on different devices, knowing how to rotate a PDF is a valuable skill. As a .NET application developer, you would like to offer the PDF rotation feature in your PDF document processing application.
July 17, 2023 · 5 min · Kashif Iqbal

Delete Pages from PDF Files using C#

PDF files have become the standard format for sharing and storing documents, but you may come across situations where you need to remove unnecessary or sensitive information from them. Whether it’s removing confidential data, reducing file size, or reorganizing content, the ability to delete pages from a PDF is a valuable feature. In this blog post, we will explore how to achieve this using the iTextPdf open-source .NET API. With its powerful functionality and support for C#, iTextPdf simplifies PDF editing tasks and empowers developers to customize PDF documents effortlessly.
July 15, 2023 · 2 min · Kashif Iqbal

Merge PDF Files using C#

Merging PDF files has become a common need for many businesses and individuals. It allows you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single, unified file, providing convenience and organization. Whether you want to merge invoices, reports, or other types of documents, this process simplifies document management and enhances overall productivity. In this blog post, we will explore how to merge PDF files using the open-source .NET API, iTextPdf. We will delve into the merging functionality offered by iTextPdf for .
July 13, 2023 · 3 min · Kashif Iqbal

Split PDF into Parts using C#

Imagine you have a large PDF file that comprises multiple sections and you want to share only specific sections of this large PDF file with your team members. Since you can’t share this whole PDF with them, you will want to split this PDF into parts so as to share specific sections with respective team members only. Splitting a large PDF has many advantages such as file size management, content organization, enhanced collaboration, and performance optimization.
July 13, 2023 · 3 min · Kashif Iqbal

Create and Manipulate PDF Files using iTextPdf in .NET

In our previous post, we talked about iTextPdf API for working with PDF files using C#/VB.NET in .NET applications. The API lets you create, edit and manipulate PDF documents without going into any internal file format details of PDF file format. Using iTextPdf is easy to work with and with just a few lines of code, you can start creating, reading, and manipulating PDF files. In this article, we will talk about using iTextPdf in .
July 5, 2023 · 6 min · Kashif Iqbal

iText – An Open-Source .NET API for PDF Documents

iText for .NET is a free open-source .NET API for creating and working with PDF documents in C#/VB.NET applications. It lets .NET application developers write applications for generating, modifying, and extracting content from PDF files. iText for .NET is a port of the original iText API, which was written in Java programming language. It was developed to provide PDF document processing features to .NET application developers. It is used in various domains such as document management systems, reporting tools, and other applications that require PDF generation and manipulation.
June 27, 2023 · 3 min · Kashif Iqbal