NPOI is an open-source .NET equivalent API of the POI Java project that is used to read/write Microsoft® Office file formats. It has XWPF namespace for Word document processing and supports working with Word .docx file format. The API is available to be used in both .NET and .NET Core projects using C# and VB.NET.

In this article, we go through NPOI for .NET API for working with DOCX file format.

NPOI XWPF – A Quick Guide

NPOI XWPF provides the functionality of working with Word documents in your .NET projects using C#. It has got mature with the passage of time and is used by .NET developers across the world to provide document processing functionality in their applications.

What you can do with NPOI for .NET?

You can use NPOI for .NET/Core to offer document processing functionality in your applications. For example, some of the DOCX manipulation features it offers are as follows:

These are just some of the example functionality that can be added to a Word document using NPOI for .NET. In our follow-up posts for using NPOI in C# to process Word documents, we will show how to use NPOI for .NET/Core for working with Word documents. So stay tuned.

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